About the project

It’s a SPA kind of web application based on bunch of buzzword technologies, most importantly Web Components. The idea behind picking web components was that over time I will accumulate bunch of reusable components which will be any framework agnostic. At time of creating that project React was the only framework which didn’t support web components, but times might be changed since then.



Redux features

WebPack config organization

SMACSS/SASS (tried to inject SASS into templates)… it should be possible, but not sure how good is that idea. Modern CSS is pretty great to work with.


Mistakes and Challenges

It was challenging to get around the “good” project structure. For example, it took some time until I found out about Redux “features”.

I created entire authentication UI but later after some experience gained I understand that that was a mistake because, ideally I should use some SSO solution and in my case it will be Keycloak.

Current status

I would say it’s abandoned… for now…

It all stopped the point where I was trying to generate Go stubs and TypeScript message types from Protobufs. I succeeded, but the process of that was not streamlined because I was required to manually update bunch of things in order to implement generated artifacts. This is where I went for the Bazel. My early tests showcased that Bazel is great for these kind of tasks and it is fast.