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I’m a software engineer from Europe/Riga. Learn more about me there. Currently the all content in this blog is temporary garbage for the sake of making/testing Hugo.

How to Integrate Google Analytics Into Hugo PaperMod Theme

As I’m setting up my shiny new blog, I stuck at Google Analytics integration. It looks like official PaperMod lacks some documentation on this topic. So… there is what worked for me. Don’t use analytics.google.SiteVerificationTag directive. Use only googleAnalytics: G-xxxxxxx directive. Create new file in layouts/_internal/google_analytics.html and paste the entire code snippet you got from GA property setup page. Basically that’s it. This partial will be automatically included in every Hugo page....

2024 Feb 22 · Dzintars

My CLI Centric Workflow

For a very long time I was Windows only user. Nor did I liked it, nor did I hated it. I just was somewhat above average user. But it all ended when I started to work with Go and Kafka Go library which I needed to cross-compile for an Linux system. And it was pain. CygWin, MinGW an a lot of gymnastics around it. In parallel I was trying to be in the “microservices” hype train....

2024 Feb 21 · Dzintars

Zettelkasten Note Taking

2024 Feb 21 · Dzintars

Websockets and Kafka

Why I had this idea about the highly reactive collaborative web application. After messing around I ended up with PoC which consisted of bunch of Go services and on top of that I somewhat implemented CQRS architecture. How front wss srp General idea was that websocket is used as protocol. Custom message format is created and synchronized between TypeScript and Go with help of Protocol Buffers, gRPC and few gRPC extensions....

2024 Feb 21 · Dzintars

2024 Feb 21

Tinkering with my Hugo blog I’m still not sure what will I do with it, but… at least this will be done. I picked Hugo as it seems simple enough for my current needs. Just drop some markdown and you are done. Sounds good. I don’t even plan to customize default theme for now as typography looks good, theme is supported. Like… there is everything I need. Most important goal for me is to start accumulate some content....

2024 Feb 21 · Dzintars

My Setup

Linux For quite some years I now use Linux as my daily driver. CLI centric workflow

2024 Feb 21 · Dzintars

SPA Front page application

About the project It’s a SPA kind of web application based on bunch of buzzword technologies, most importantly Web Components. The idea behind picking web components was that over time I will accumulate bunch of reusable components which will be any framework agnostic. At time of creating that project React was the only framework which didn’t support web components, but times might be changed since then. Images TIL Redux features...

2024 Feb 19 · Dzintars


About This is bold text, and this is emphasized text. Visit the Hugo website! This is just test page to test Hugo features. Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy text of the printing and typesetting industry. Lorem Ipsum has been the industry’s standard dummy text ever since the 1500s, when an unknown printer took a galley. Testing code snippet: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 package main import "fmt" func main() { fmt....

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