For a very long time I was Windows only user. Nor did I liked it, nor did I hated it. I just was somewhat above average user. But it all ended when I started to work with Go and Kafka Go library which I needed to cross-compile for an Linux system. And it was pain. CygWin, MinGW an a lot of gymnastics around it. In parallel I was trying to be in the “microservices” hype train. I was constantly running like 20 terminal windows for each little service, observing logs, restarting, compiling, etc. It was a pain.

And mostly because of that Kafka issue, I decided to go full in Linux. Fedora 28 was my very first full-time Linux OS. At first… it was a little bit pain. I used default Gnome GUI. Application windows was all around. Workspaces, windows… constantly looking for the right thing. But at least Kafka libs was compiling buttery smooth. And it was fast. And it was fancy.

Slowly I learned about different terminal emulators, multiplexers, text editors and what not.

Tailing Window Manager



Custom Mechanical Split Keyboard